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Colin F. Taylor, Ph. D.


Sitting Bull and the White Manís Religion

Early Missionaries in North America


A bison robe for the Pope in Rome? More than a century  ago it was reported that Sitting Bull, the great spiritual and political leader of the Lakota, painted a robe for the head of the Catholic church while a prisoner of war and transmitted this valuable gift to Europe via the bishop of Dakota, Martin Marty.


Based on this relatively well documented historical episode, the worldwide recognized scholar, Colin Taylor, carefully analysed the efforts of the official churches to convert high ranking and renowned Indian leaders such as Sitting Bull, to the white manís relilgion.


Moreover, he painstakingly examined Sitting Bullís name and concluded that careless translations, limited examinations of the historical record as well as some linguistic problems in the past, ignored the fact that Sitting Bullís true Lakota name was strongly based on his rank and significance among his people and reflected the high esteem in which he was held. The result is an important study in depth which enhances the biographical record on this notable character.


77 pp., 15x21 cm, 10 figs. Softbound. Bilingual edition (Englisch-German)


ISBN 3-89510-100-1    13.00 US-$