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Colin F. Taylor, Ph. D.


Yupika - The Plains Indian Woman’s Dress

An overview of historical developments and styles


Women’s dresses of the Native Americans are amongst the most interesting and impressive evidence of Plains Indian material culture. The splendid decorations as well as the construction of the dresses represent not only high level artisan skills but also historical and cultural developments.


This publication painstakingly documents Indian women’s clothing, from the first contacts with white observers to the reservation period. It considers material and social changes as well as the influence of trade with other tribes, white traders and fur trappers. Furthermore, the volume demonstrates the often highly symbolic meanings of the embellishments which make reference to spiritual beliefs and family military achievements.


The book includes invaluable fieldnotes by the late John C. Ewers, who generously supported this volume with his research material. - 88 pp, 75 figs (15 in colour), size 21 x 27 cm, hardbound. Bilingual edition (English-German)


ISBN 3-89510-052-8     29.00 US-$