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Dear Visitor!


Welcome! Thank you for visiting Tatanka Press, an imprint of the German Verlag fuer Amerikanistik, the only European publishing house specialized on American history and Native American culture.


The Verlag fuer Amerikanistik was established in 1983 by Dietmar Kuegler, a renowned German publicist and historian, an expert of American history. He is the author of several dozens of books on that subject and a regular contributor to European scholarly magazines such as the “Pallasch”, a publication for military history, the Austrian “Oesterreichische Militärische Zeitschrift”, the German gun magazine, “Deutsches Waffen-Journal”, the historical publication “Aera”(Era), and some American magazines like “Western Pennsylvania History”. Furthermore, he is the editor of the “Magazin fuer Amerikanistik”, the biggest German Quarterly on American history.


In 2003, he launched the imprint Tatanka Press foremost for the studies on material culture of the North American Plains Indians by the worldwide esteemed British scholar, Dr. Colin Taylor. These books were printed bilingually, in German and English



In 2004 and 2005, Tatanka Press became the brand for the two volumes Festschrift in honor of the famous late Smithsonian Ethnologist, Dr. John C. Ewers, The People of the Buffalo – The Plains Indians of North America, edited by Colin F. Taylor (photo) and Hugh A. Dempsey.


For this project, some 40 prominent American, Canadian, and European anthropologists and historians gathered with fundamental scholarly essays.


Since then, Tatanka Press has become a name for significant anthropological and historical publications.


Dietmar Kuegler, founder and director of Tatanka Press, publisher, author, historian, and as living history re-enactor the only non-American life member of the “James Younger Gang” of Northfield, Minnesota. He is a regular participant of the annual re-enactment of the famous Jesse James bank raid of 1876.


Among Kuegler’s most successful books are a history of the US Cavalry, a biography of the famous mountain man, Jim Bridger, an extensive account on the history of the American fur trade, the only German book on the Texas Rangers, a description of the art of Living History in the United States, and some special traveller’s guides to historic sites of the American west.

He is travelling the American west extensively to do research for his own writings as well as making contacts with historians, anthropologists, museums’ curators, and superintendents of historic sites for his publishing work.